The TNT Mission Statement

What separates our company from the other companies is customer service. From the first contact on the phone, to the evaluation, and finally the actual service we are dedicated to making the client feel comfortable. We will explain everything that will need to be done and entertain all questions.

There is no rushed feeling during our evaluations, our philosophy is “that the only way to resolve any pest issue is to start with a thorough inspection.” We do not believe in high pressure sales gimmicks to get people to sign a contract right on the spot. We believe in a more relaxed approach, allowing people as much time as they need to make a decision. When the service is performed we take all the precautions to protect people’s property and health.

The high level of customer service doesn’t stop there. After any services are performed we guarantee all work and set up check backs to assure that everything was done to our standards.

If for some reason we do need to re-treat, we will schedule that work in a timely fashion that suits our clients needs.

Nobody likes the idea of pests in their home.

Unfortunately it is a fact that every house has some type of pest infestation, whether it be insects like Termites, Carpenter Ants, Spiders, Wasps, or rodents like Squirrels and Mice.

At TNT Pest Control, Inc., our goal is to keep your home pest free in the safest possible way for you and your family.

Our company is locally owned and family owner operated so we treat our clients like one of the family. We only use state of the art equipment and keep up to date with all the newest techniques, this way we can assure you peace of mind.

If you are having a pest issue in your home, please contact us today for a free, professional evaluation.

Thank you ,
Tom Nakonechny
President TNT Pest Control Inc.
Lic. #97532A